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Luxury boutique spa...

Take your wellbeing to a whole new level with a luxury boutique spa membership.

With an Oak Rooms, Club Spa or Spa Envy Membership you can spa any time at our Spa Sessions - 3hrs of relaxation and de-stressing at your fingertips with never more than 6 guests!

Only £40 for Oak Rooms members, £20 per session for Club Spa members, but completely FREE for VIP Spa Envy Members!

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Our Mental Wellbeing resource - join for FREE

During these difficult times, we are thrilled to introduce our Mental Wellbeing resource and community called HAARTME.

Being a member of our community is FREE.  We've even gifted you some amazing resources aimed at better mental health.  Including one of our 8 Minute Mind Magic Movies - all the benefits of meditating, without meditating! Join for FREE now.

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The Mentor Mum Guild...

A Guild of women who are dedicated to the support, wellbeing and personal triumph of every mum & mum-to-be through a Mentor Mum business.

A place for EVERY MUM & MUM-TO-BE who wants to be supported, informed, empowered and celebrated!

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Nascuropathy - our holistic lifestyle membership


Based at The Oak Rooms, our Lifestyle Membership  is here to empower women to be independent through the fellowship of other women!

Women together are strong & effective, empowered & abundant and can bring about their own healing & wellbeing when we are balanced in our physical world, our sensory world and our energy world.

You are here because you have felt a deep inner calling & awakening to restore to a natural and harmonious balance in your life! Come and join the Nascuropathy Tribe!

SPA ENVY VIP Members are gifted membership to Nascuropathy.

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